ARTS 3890 Project 1: Illustrator and the Laser Cutter

Final Result

Here is the final result!

Final Assembly

To assemble, I applied wood glue with a brush and then placed the pieces together using clamps to hold the pieces in place. Once I have all the pieces glued, I used rubber bands and heavy books to keep the pieces in place while the glue dried. I had to sand some of the notches as they didn't fit smoothly.

Final Filework

Here is the final file work. There are two stacking trays a smaller one that can be slide from side to side on the top and a larger one with 5 sections for the bottom. The material I am using is 1/8" Masonite. I chose not to engraved designs onto the outside but might consider painting it later on after assembly.

Project Update

While designing for this project I turned to the current storage area for my teas to get measurements. I realized while looking at this that it might be a better project idea to create an organizer for this area rather than a separate box. I much prefer to keep a clean countertop and tea container for there might add to clutter.

Initial Filework

The project I chose to move forward with based on feedback from the brainstorm and ideation phase is the Tea Dispenser/Organizer. I am still unsure if I want the tea to dispense out of an upside-down tea shape like the one of my inspiration images or if I want to just have some transparent drawers/cubbies. I will put reference images below. I drew some initial sketches for the cubbies as it is a little bit of an easier design. The drawing does not include the filework for the tea holding parts yet, just the frame. Below are the three types of organizations I am drawn to. My main issue right now is deciding which one. I like that the middle one allows for a wider variety of teas and visibility of which types are in there. I like the one on the left for its shape and limited steps, no need to open anything. And I like the one on the right because it is completely closed so dust or crumbs cannot get in. As for materials, I would like to use a mix of thinner wood and some kind of clear material so the tea can be seen.

Brainstorming & Ideation

To begin this project, I decided the best place for me to pin point my interest and gain inspiration would be to create a Pinterest board. I knew that I definitely wanted to make something useful and beautiful, so I started in my prexisting home decor board. I jumped off from there getting a good sense of what I might like to make for this project. I was inspired by minimalist woodworks, asymmetrical mirrors, strange plant holders, and more.

This is the link to the board!

Idea 1. Tea Dispenser/Organizer

my sketch

Idea 2. Lamp

my sketch

Idea 3. Multipurpose Phone Dock

my sketch